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Marling Leek is the UK’s most established manufacturer of webbing used in both the commercial and automotive markets.

Our Products

We offer a range of webbing for a range of different uses, fall protection, seatbelt, lifting and load restraint.

Fall Protection Webbing

Fall protection webbing offers essential safety when working at height.

Lifting Webbing

Our lifting webbing is produced using polyester yarn and can be weaved into either flat sling or round sling tubular webbing

Seatbelt Webbing

As the UK's first manufacturer of automotive seatbelt webbing, we have continued to produce webbing to the highest level of our ability to this day.

Lashing Webbing

Our versatile lashing webbing is the perfect solution for manufacturing reliable lashings.

About Marling

Producing textiles since 1942, following a decision in 1963 to change our name and incorporate our hometown, Leek, into our name Marling Leek was born. We then started to manufacture webbing for a number of uses.