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Based in the heart of rural Staffordshire; the then Marling Mills factory has been producing textiles since 1942. In 1963 the decision was made to change the name and incorporate the town of Leek in the name. From this the company became Marling Leek Ltd.

Following the decision to team up with an entrepreneur the factory began to produce narrow fabric webbing. Over the coming decades we’ve honed our production practices and created a range of reliable webbing for various uses.


We try to ensure we have sustainable practices in place throughout our factory.

Alongside buying new machines to keep up-to-date with different weaving methods, we also look to refurbish our current machines, giving them a new lease of life rather than disposing of them.

Also any excess yarn we have left over from producing specific webbing, we make sure we use in other weaving practices to ensure little raw material waste.

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Choose the specific width you require


We can dye in a range of colours


We can weave to strengthen the webbing as required